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Jabalpur Cantonment Board History

The history of Jabalpur Cantonment dates back to 19th December, 1817 when the British under Brig. Gen. Herdymen defeated the Bhonsle forces in just 2 hours. However a few Jagirdaars were still controlling important villages around the city. Amongst the same Shri Krishna Rao Paswan was the owner of 445 acres of land which was found most suitable for housing British and Native troops. The same was purchased from him by the British by paying a meager compensation during 1818 and two companies of a regiment set up their base.

In 1826, Jabalpur Cantonment Board formally came into existence. In 1837, Second Regiment of the British forces arrived and more area was added to Cantonment. In 1861, a new province, Central Provinces & Berar was established by British who shifted headquarter from Saugor to Jabalpur, Jabalpur became military seat of power in Central region of British India. From 1861 to 1870, more troops-both British and native inducted, were brought to city and the area extended by addition of 524 acres including 63 acres of private land. In 1870, Saugor and Jabalpur territories were formed into Narmada District HQ known as Jabalpur Independent Area for which additional land was taken from village Katanga and from Gorakhpur.

From 1870 to 1924, the post of Cantonment Magistrate with executive and magisterial powers came into existence. In 1924, Parliament Act was enacted and broad changes in Cantonment Board functions took place. The post of Cantonment Magistrate abolished and was replaced by post of Cantonment Executive Officer with only executive powers whereas Judicial powers of CEO was transferred to Civil Judicial staff of local governments. In 1944, 77 acres was earmarked as Civil area. In 1947, Jabalpur Independent Area H.Q. was re-designated as Jabalpur Sub-Area. Officers from Civil Services were deputed to Cantonment as CEO. In 1956, Civil area was extended by 27 acres. In 1963, Jabalpur Sub-Area was re-designated as MP Area. In 1971, MP Area was re-designated as HQ MP, B & O Area , and now it is calls as HQ MB Area. In the year 2006, new Cantonment Act received assent of the President. Total Cantonment area was re-shuffled for creation of a new ward. Cantonment now comprises of 8 wards with total area of 7040 acres, and 226.395 acres as civil area bazar Area under its management. It is now one of the largest and important Cantonments of India.

Our Profile

Year of Establishment : 1826

Area : 4614.08 Acres

Population as per 2011 Census : 72,257

Location of Cantonment Board Office : 6, Norris Road, Near Shivaji Ground, Jabalpur Cantt

Our Vision

To provide wide range of quality civil services to both Army and Civil population and to develop and maintain a clear, green Cantonment.